New ASMR Microphone :D

I finally have a new Blue Yeti microphone for recording ASMR videos! I christened it by trying to do a match-lighting video and simultaneously burning my dinner downstairs, thereby setting off the fire alarm in my condo. Just making sure the mic works! 😉

I’m working on the sound settings for my next video since I don’t think I got it quite right on this one. Next time should work out better — I’ve since taken some time to play a bit more with the sound input.

Here’s the somewhat squirrely ASMR match-lighting video. Most of the whispers were unintentionally inaudible, which is probably for the best because they’re mostly a ramble about fire hazards, the sugar content in sweet potatoes, and a brainstorm of art projects that you can do with unused matches.

Welcome to The Quiet Side ASMR

I told my mom that I’m making YouTube videos to help people fall asleep, which baffled her. I tried explaining that it’s a new, popular thing where you record yourself tapping and scratching on household objects, whispering unintelligibly into a microphone, and generally being a bit, well, boring.

“Ohh,” She said. “Well, it’s… it’s good to have goals in life, honey.”

And then we both contemplated our life decisions up to this point.

Anyway, this is the first of what will hopefully be many posts here about ASMR! I’d like to make this site a place where you can learn about ASMR, find great ASMR videos, and maybe even connect with other ASMR fans. I don’t know, or maybe you’re just coming here because I’m an unpredictable weirdo. 😀